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Minibar Financing Options

Minibar Systems invests up-front capital dollars into hardware installed at our client’s hotels to demonstrate our conviction that minibars can operate profitably. This makes Minibar Systems a perfect, reliable partner for independent hotels as well as for global hotel chains.  These investments coupled with our operations expertise virtually guarantee success at our client hotels.
Our customers can choose from several attractive financing options including;

Purchase:  We offer some of the most flexible net payment terms available

Lease:  We offer lease options up to 7 years. All of our leases include a $1.00 buyout option which transfers ownership of the equipment to the hotel at the end of the lease term.  We also offer deferred starts to our leases to allow hotels to “ramp up” the new minibar operations. This gives a “soft start” to the lease and puts more money in the hotel’s pocket from the very beginning.

Revenue Sharing:  One of the most popular financing options today is revenue sharing. This no-capital outlay program totally relieves the hotel of any needed capital with payment beginning after revenues have been earned through minibar sales.  The hotel will also own the equipment at the end of the revenue share term.

Partnership and Custom Programs:  We offer several non-standard programs that include on-site operational management from Minibar Systems, extended payment terms and guaranteed revenue levels to hotels. These programs are based on specific demographic and property parameters with proposals customized for each hotel.  These programs allow for the greatest financing flexibility for a hotel wanting to increase its guest satisfaction and bottom line profits without any available capital.