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Minibar Entreprises AG
Blegistrasse 9
CH-6340 Baar
tel +41 41 767 23 00
fax +41 41 767 23 23


Technical Support & Installation Programme

Minibar Systems manufactures and uses systems which have the highest degree of quality and reliability. We also focus on designing our products so that they will require a minimum of maintenance and training over time.

We maintain regionally based operations and technical support personnel available to assist our hotels when needed.  Our hotels can be assured that any necessary parts and service will be promptly delivered.

Our technical support consists of experienced technicians for immediate problem resolution. We are also able to dial into the minibar computer on site at the hotel to resolve any software emergency without delay.  We understand the environment of a hotel and the demands of today‚Äôs guests and have structured our professional and courteous customer service and technical support divisions to be accessible, quick to respond and thorough.